fredag 1 februari 2008

Different loves

Anders Lundberg 2007 (47 år)

"Different loves!"

av Anders Lundberg 2000-10-23 (40 år)

Different loves
Have you discovered the “BIG LOVE”,
feeling from inside the clear nearness.

In the beginning it’s there in all situations, wherever you are, you are constantly in love.

It can change over a night, leaving no signs of delight.

Love is always around the corner wherever you are, regardless if you are happily married, or just a couple, it does what it wants just take.

Love has nothing to do with age or sex,
It just hit the one who is first in line.

Another love is brotherly love, this kind of love always stay and is always there, that you feel proud of, and can always count on.

Having loving parents and being raised with love gives you strength, no matter how life’s goes, you will always feel safe and secure like in a church.

Unanswered love can be pain, but you have to take the step and dare.

To keep the love to stay, you have to be honest, listen and understanding each other’s differences, otherwise it flies to someone else’s heart.

Some of all these different loves above will everybody experience in a lifetime.
Take care of them, as it was the only thing to live for, than I promise it will be a long romantic wonderful passionate song.

Some are free and open about love, others live together in silence and feel shy to even making love.

001023 Anders